Alexander Albon: "I'm not really happy about that"

24-09-2020 19:41 | Updated: 24-09-2020 20:50
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Alexander Albon: I'm not really happy about that

Alexander Albon, like his teammate Max Verstappen, is not a fan of reverse grid races. Ross Brawn, former owner of Brawn GP Formula 1 team, advocated this type of race to reduce the tension.

After the crazy Italian GP at Monza, Brawn wrote in his column that he liked the races with a reverse start order. "That race showed how exciting a race can be when the grid is mixed up. Reverse grid races also ensure that the teams enter the weekend in a completely different way," he wrote.

"Not special anymore"

Albon says in today's press conference that he looks at it the same way as his teammate Verstappen. "What makes racing so special are races like the one at Monza. They don't happen very often. A lot of weird things have to happen before something like that happens, but that's what makes those races so special.

"It wouldn't be special any more if there was a car out front that wasn't supposed to be there at all. That, I think, takes away the tension about unexpected events. I am happy with how it is. I think there are good races now, I'm not really happy about them either."

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