Vettel does not want to be compared to Schumacher: ''I'm just changing teams''

24-09-2020 10:54 | Updated: 24-09-2020 12:03
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Vettel does not want to be compared to Schumacher: ''I'm just changing teams''

Sebastian Vettel came to Maranello in 2015 with high expectations. Vettel wanted what his childhood hero Michael Schumacher had achieved: To become world champion with Ferrari. However, that dream has not come true. 

After four world titles, it was time for Vettel to leave Red Bull Racing. The young German had won everything there was to win and wanted to move on to prove his worth as a top driver. His dream was to drive in red and therefore the comparison with his iconic compatriot was quickly made. However, Vettel himself was not always happy with that.

The comparison with Schumacher

''I think comparisons with other drivers will get you nowhere. You cannot compare my situation with Michael's. First of all, the time was very different and secondly, it is a very different team with different needs," says Vettel about the comparisons that are being made again with his youth hero.

For example, Schumacher came back from retirement to help the current Mercedes to the top. Is such a role now for Vettel at Aston Martin? ''Lawrence (Stroll) has a very clear plan and also has in mind what role I can play there. I was really impressed by that. However, Michael joined Mercedes after a break and I'm still in the middle of it and I'm just changing teams," concludes the German according to

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