AMuS: 'The new upgrades from Racing Point take them a step away from Mercedes'

22-09-2020 15:49 | Updated: 22-09-2020 15:52
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AMuS: 'The new upgrades from Racing Point take them a step away from Mercedes'

Racing Point was long known as a copy of Mercedes. However, due to the major upgrades they brought to Mugello, that nickname has changed. It seems that they have said goodbye to the model that Mercedes had in 2019 and that they are now building a new car themselves.

At least that is what Auto, Motor und Sport sees. Lance Stroll already drove with the new parts in Mugello, while Sergio Perez still had to drive around with the old parts. As a result, there is a clear difference between the shape of both cars. With Stroll's car, it is clear to see that changes have been made to the sidepods in order to regulate the air better.

Upgrades ready in time for Sochi?

AMuS also shows that they have taken a different direction from Mercedes, who have a different philosophy around the sides of the car. According to the German medium, it is also good to see that the upgrades are clearly having an effect. For example, during the race Stroll was a lot faster than his team mate. 

It remains to be seen if Racing Point will be able to use the upgrades in Russia this week. Due to Stroll's hard crash, in which the Canadian shot off the track at 280km/h, it is still unclear if Racing Point has repaired all parts for the race in Sochi. It would be a great pity if the upgrades could not go ahead, as Racing Point had promising speed with the new upgrades.

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