Albon: ''Feeling that I've earned it''

22-09-2020 10:25 | Updated: 22-09-2020 11:19
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Albon: ''Feeling that I've earned it''

The Grand Prix of Tuscany was finally the moment for Alexander Albon to climb the podium in Formula 1 for the very first time. The Thai was able to enjoy his result for a week, but he will now have to perform again in Russia.

Albon finally takes his podium

‘’I was obviously super happy and a big thanks to the Team who have supported me from day one – they deserve it and I feel like I deserved it. It was a good day out and great to see how happy everyone was underneath the podium – it was nice giving them something to celebrate. It’s very special to see the Thai flag on the podium and also to be the first driver to do that'', says Albon in the preview of Red Bull.

‘’Well Sochi doesn’t tend to be an amazing track for us as a Team but as we’ve seen this season, you never really know what to expect until you get to the track so let’s see how it goes but we head to Sochi hopeful. It’s quite a unique track but truthfully, I prefer others from a pure driving perspective.’’

Closer to Mercedes

In Mugello Red Bull was suddenly much closer in qualifying. Max Verstappen qualified third out of four tenths of Lewis Hamilton and Alex stayed in fourth place within the second. A positive development for Red Bull Racing, which sometimes lost more than a second in previous races this year.

‘’I think it provides some more optimism that things are getting closer. On paper, I think Mugello was quite a nice circuit for us but I think it definitely shows we’re making steps forward with the car each weekend. I think Monza was probably an anomaly and now we’re going back to more downforce circuits we should be more competitive. The goal is always to catch Mercedes as they are the benchmark’’, concludes Albon.

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