Masi waves away Vettel complaints: "It's no different than normal"

21-09-2020 08:50 | Updated: 21-09-2020 10:56
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Masi waves away Vettel complaints: It's no different than normal

Mugello's race caused a lot of controversy. Drivers were critical about the dangerous situations on the track, but also about the unfair standing restarts. Sebastian Vettel is one of the drivers to complain about these. Race leader Michael Masi, however, waved away his criticism.

During the Tuscan GP we saw no less than three starts from the starting grid. After the two red flags were waved, the drivers had to start from the start/finish line again both times.

Four-time world champion Vettel expressed his dissatisfaction afterwards. The German thinks that the standing restarts are unfair: "If you start on the right side of the track, you have a huge advantage compared to starting on the wrong side."

"It's just not fair. We saw it in Monza as well. Halfway through the race there is a lot of dirt outside the race line on the track," Vettel said to Skysports F1 at the time.

Masi waves criticism away

Vettel's criticism was directed indirectly at the competition management. According to the German, next time the competition management, led by Michael Masi, should opt for a rolling start. Masi, however, dismisses the criticism, reports

"In both cases, especially after the first red flag, the track has been cleaned very well by the sweepers. So yes, you can say that you start outside the race line. It's just no different than normal. It's the same as a normal race start with the same dirt outside the track all weekend."

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