Horner hopes to attack in Sochi: 'You noticed how nervous Mercedes was'

17-09-2020 16:39 | Updated: 17-09-2020 18:58
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Horner hopes to attack in Sochi: 'You noticed how nervous Mercedes was'

The Red Bull drivers predicted it before the start of the race weekend in Mugello; Red Bull could make it difficult for Mercedes because of tyre wear and high temperatures. Team boss Christian Horner hopes there are also opportunities in that area for the team in Sochi.

Tyre wear crucial factor in 2020

Max Verstappen couldn't make it because of his retirement, but the team agreed that they were fast enough to fight with Mercedes on the track in Tuscany. Horner hopes for similar conditions as in Mugello and hopes that they can increase the pressure on Mercedes.

In his column on the Red Bull website, the team boss writes: "The next race is Sochi where I expect Mercedes to be strong and dominant. However, we have seen that tyre wear is a very interesting factor this season."

Every race a final race for Red Bull

"Mercedes' tyres were not stretched last week, but you could hear how nervous the team got. They gave their drivers instructions not to drive on the kerbstones", Horner continues. "It would be great if we could be competitive in Sochi and increase the pressure a little. Then things can happen."

Horner knows they have a very small chance of winning the constructors' championship. That is why his attitude is that the team will race as if they have nothing to lose.

"Mercedes sets the bar very high and they are doing a good job, but no one is unbeatable. You have to work hard and work smart. For that you need the right people around you and I think that is the case within our team".

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