Frustration Verstappen understandable: "Of course you vent that over the radio"

17-09-2020 16:19 | Updated: 17-09-2020 18:53
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Frustration Verstappen understandable: Of course you vent that over the radio

Max Verstappen notes two DNFs behind his name. Both Italian races didn't end well for the Dutchman. Both times it wasn't the drivers fault. Frustration could be heard on the onboard radio of Verstappen after the crash in Mugello. Red Bull Racing chief Christian Horner calls it understandable.

Frustration at Verstappen

It is twice in a row that Verstappen could not finish the race. In this short season the Red Bull driver has already reached a total of three failures. According to Verstappen, he had already lost sight of the title. But stalls continue to frustrate him.

Already during the crash Verstappen was very vocal on the onboard radio. He expressed his criticism to the team. According to Horner, this is no more than normal in such a situation. In his column on the Red Bull website he looks back: "Max's frustration was fully understandable. He was on top of it from the first round in Mugello this weekend."

Red Bull able to attack Mercedes

The frustration was once again demonstrated by the fact that Red Bull was able to attack rival Mercedes this weekend. After Monza that was a welcome surprise. Horner: "We were fast and the car was better in terms of balance. That was very annoying for him. It is only natural that you vent your frustration on the onboard radio in such a situation."

"We actually had the feeling that we could fight Mercedes in the race. From the line he had Lewis [Hamilton, ed.] in his sights. It was the second race in a row for him and that is especially frustrating for him because he wants it so badly."

Horner concludes: "If he didn't had that hunger, he wouldn't be the driver he is now and not the driver we all want to see go for victory."

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