Verstappen remains honest: "Hope we are closer to them next year"

16-09-2020 17:59
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Verstappen remains honest: Hope we are closer to them next year

Max Verstappen is now 80 points behind leader Lewis Hamilton in the championship. The Dutchman therefore announces that he will no longer go for the title this year, because it is no longer achievable.

No championship

Verstappen failed three times already this season with technical problems which caused him to miss out on a lot of good points. Especially during the Italian Grand Prix there was a lot to achieve, because championship leader Hamilton only finished seventh.

"If you're so far behind and you're too slow, it's not going to happen again", says Verstappen to "We still want to win every weekend. But the championship is over."

One step at a time

Verstappen regrets that little can be changed on the car for next season because of the corona virus. Because of the virus, only a few changes can be made to the car for next season in order to save costs for the teams. "I hope we will get closer to Mercedes next year. I don't think we will beat them."

The Red Bull Racing driver therefore hopes that with the new regulations of 2022 there will be new opportunities for his team. He doesn't know yet when he will win the title. "You can never say that in Formula 1. But of course I hope it won't take so long", he concludes.

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