Horner focused on helping Albon: "That problem makes his life difficult"

13-09-2020 07:20 | Updated: 13-09-2020 09:30
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Horner focused on helping Albon: That problem makes his life difficult

Although Alexander Albon recorded his best qualifying result of his career in F1 yesterday, the driver is still quite a long way behind teammate Max Verstappen in terms of time. According to Christian Horner, the British Thai has the same difficulties as Pierre Gasly in 2019.

Pierre Gasly's career at Red Bull Racing was quickly over last year when he was replaced with Albon mid-season. Although the rookie showed some impressive overtaking manoeuvres in his first few Grands Prix for the main team, the driver couldn't get close to the speed of Verstappen either.

According to Christian Horner, this is due to the characteristics of the RB16. "The car can be a little sensitive at the rear under braking. I think that makes Alex's life difficult, just as he did last year for Pierre. So we are very focused on trying to address that," said the team boss in conversation with RaceFans.net.

Best qualifying of the season

The Brit is pleased with the performance of his driver at the Mugello circuit. "This was his best qualifying of the season so far when we look at the delta with his teammate."

"At Spa and Monza he was also getting close, so Alex is starting to make real progress. I think when we start to improve the car, that will certainly start to help as well", concludes the team boss.

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