Binotto denies accusations: "We didn't do it!"

12-09-2020 13:22 | Updated: 12-09-2020 13:31
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Binotto denies accusations: We didn't do it!

According to Mercedes, one of the major competitors has extensively scanned the team's car in 2020. Mattia Binotto says that Ferrari is not the team in question.

At the British Grand Prix, Toto Wolff revealed the shocking news. According to the team boss, one of the major competitors of Mercedes had scanned their cars with a 3D camera. Not only outside on the track, but also in the garage.

In any case, according to Mattia Binotto, it was not Ferrari. "To be honest, I have no idea. I don't know if anyone has been scanning their car. It wasn't us in any case. So I can't respond to that," Binotto said at the press conference for team bosses at Mugello.

Reverse engineering

Moreover, the Italian doesn't think it is such a problem if a team has carefully examined the Mercedes car. "I don't think taking pictures and scanning is a problem at all. In the end, I think it is wrong to reverse engineer the whole car. But I think the FIA has been clear about that now in its wording, so I'm happy with that conclusion," explains the team boss.

Binotto refers to the measures taken by the FIA to prevent teams from copying and pasting too much, as has been the case with the Racing Point car this season.

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