Perez: 'If I leave, I'll never come back'

10-09-2020 19:25
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Perez: 'If I leave, I'll never come back'

Sebastian Vettel has come out of his plight without a seat by joining Aston Martin next year. Sergio Perez is now on the sidelines considering his future plans. According to the Mexican, they can only go two ways.

Perez finds comfort

Aston Martin, which currently exists as Racing Point, has chosen Sebastian Vettel instead of Sergio Perez. The team seems to prefer the inexperienced Lance Stroll to the Mexican. By the way, the Canadian's seat has not yet been confirmed.

In conversation with Perez says he finds some comfort in the fact that he was not fired because of disappointing performance: "The choice was not based on my performance. So for me as a driver there is not much I could or should have done differently".

A sabbatical means exit for Perez

"I could take a sabbatical now," continues the Racing Point driver. "But for the moment, my priority is to find a two-year contract to secure myself a place in F1 until 2022.

Perez has already thought it through to some extent: "It would be ideal to gain some experience with a new team in 2021 and then drive a strong 2022. I don't think you can come back from a year in between. So I don't think that's a good idea. If I do, I'll see myself retiring sooner".

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