Verstappen: "That means we will see at least a two-stop race"

10-09-2020 12:54 | Updated: 10-09-2020 13:25
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Verstappen: That means we will see at least a two-stop race

Max Verstappen sees nothing in the idea of using all three tyre compounds during the race. Should this become a rule, it means that every driver has to make at least two pit stops during a Grand Prix. The Red Bull Racing driver says you shouldn't force something like this.

Two-stoppers guaranteed

"This means at least a two-stropper, but you don't always want to ride on the softest or fastest tyre", answers Verstappen to the question of "I think Alexander Albon had a lot of experience with this in Barcelona. You don't want to ride on the hardest tyre."

Verstappen does say that it might be an option when the tyres come closer together in terms of wear and tear. "But I don't think so, you shouldn't force this sort of thing. I don't think the use of all three compounds is good. Sometimes you get to circuits like Silverstone, where you don't want to use the softest tyre. Then you go to Barcelona, where you don't want to use hard tyres. So no, I don't see that happening", the Dutchman concludes.

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