Heidfeld: "Gasly showed how difficult it was for him next to Verstappen"

08-09-2020 13:30
by GPblog.com
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Heidfeld: Gasly showed how difficult it was for him next to Verstappen

No one expected in advance that Pierre Gasly would win the Grand Prix at Monza, despite performing well at AlphaTauri. Ultimately, it is all due to the red flag and consequently the penalty for Lewis Hamilton. It was a sensation to see, but at the same time it also shows that it was very difficult for him next to Verstappen in his time at Red Bull Racing.

No match for Verstappen last year

That is what former F1 driver Nick Heidfeld says in his new column at Sky Sport F1 Germany. “Pierre Gasly won sensationally at Monza. It is especially interesting when you consider that he was no match for Verstappen at Red Bull last year and was transferred back to AlphaTauri.”

“Last year he was second in Brazil and now he has won in Monza. That shows that he can drive, but it also shows how difficult it was for him at Red Bull next to a top driver like Max Verstappen”, with which Heidfeld tries to indicate the difference.

At Red Bull Racing there was continuous pressure to perform, also with Verstappen next to him with whom he was constantly compared. Something that now also happens to Alexander Albon. At AlphaTauri, that pressure is not there and a driver like Gasly can keep a cool head without the said pressure having any influence.

With that mindset, Gasly is absolutely able to perform, as he drove a clear race and managed to keep the threat in the form of Carlos Sainz behind him when it came very close towards the end. Gasly has also, as Heidfeld points out, issued a business card: he is an excellent driver.

“From the spectators and fans point of view, it's great when someone so unexpected celebrates a first win. Even if the success was due to the circumstances. It is fantastic to see a dream come true. Gasly did a great job and stayed at the top without any errors. That was a great achievement,” said Heidfeld.

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