Hamilton is disappointed after heavy punishment: "Wasn't my day today"

06-09-2020 16:46
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Hamilton is disappointed after heavy punishment: Wasn't my day today

For Lewis Hamilton, the Italian Grand Prix did not go quite as expected. During the first half of the race, the Mercedes driver drove quietly at the front, but due to a severe penalty for entering a closed pit lane, the British driver fell back to the rear. In the end, he managed to limit the damage and finished in seventh place.

"First of all, of course, many congratulations to Pierre on his performance on Monday. I've seen everything he had to deal with, including the return to AlphaTauri from Red Bull Racing. He has now beaten that team. It's great to see how far he has grown," Hamilton explained to Sky Sports.

Don't step on any points

"It just wasn't my race today, I had quite a bit of bad luck, but it will only make me worse. I lost 26 seconds because of that penalty, but once I was able to connect with the rest, I had some nice duels. We didn't do great with the pit stops and I really didn't see those signs," Hamilton said refering to the penalty he got.

"In the end, we finished seventh and had the fastest lap. Follow me Max didn't get any points at all, so I'm sure I'll take that with me," concluded Hamilton.

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