Binotto: "We need to make progress on all fronts"

05-09-2020 08:05 | Updated: 05-09-2020 09:07
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Binotto: We need to make progress on all fronts

Ferrari is facing one of the toughest home Grands Prix ever at Monza this weekend. The team is underperforming badly this season. Team boss Mattia Binotto says the team needs to improve on all fronts.

Simple answer

"I don’t think that the answer is difficult. The answer is simple. When you’re underperforming that means that your package is not fast enough and when your package is not fast enough. It’s down to the entire car itself", says Binotto at Ziggo Sport's F1 Cafe.

According to Binotto, Ferrari need to improve on all fronts if they want to compete again for podiums and victories. "Whether it’s power, aero, chassis or balance. We have been lacking speed on the straights in Spa but as well in the corners. We need to progress in all the areas."

Difficult conditions

The Italian team boss says it's okay to be in a storm, as long as you can navigate that storm. "Around us, the conditions are maybe difficult but more important as a team we know where to go. I think we know exactly where we want to go. We want to become competitive and a reference for other teams. We know how important it is for us, for Ferrari and our fans", concludes Binotto.

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