Brundle about Verstappen: "Nobody else is good enough to come and play with him"

01-09-2020 14:25 | Updated: 01-09-2020 15:47
Brundle about Verstappen: Nobody else is good enough to come and play with him

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton experienced a boring Grand Prix of Belgium. The British driver didn't come close to Valterri Bottas, let alone Lewis Hamilton, and from behind nobody came close to him. Martin Brundle therefore saw an annoyed Verstappen.

Many bored faces

In his column at Sky Sports, former racing driver Brundle discusses the race of Red Bull and his best pupil Verstappen. The Englishman saw a lot of bored faces after the finish. Hamilton didn't offer his apologies for all his victories resulting in boring races, and Verstappen was irritated or resigned because of the gap with the German race stable which didn't make the races more exciting.

"Lewis almost apologized because it's getting boring being a winning machine. But what can he do about it? An annoyed Verstappen drove around in third place and said it was a monotonous race because he can't beat the speed of Mercedes. Besides that, nobody else is good enough to race with him".

The one who should be closest to Verstappen is his teammate Alexander Albon, but again he didn't come close to the Dutchman and had to admit 27 seconds at the end of the race.

Ricciardo stays close

Towards the end of the race there wasn't any more excitement because of the top three everyone stayed outside. No driver went inside to make another attempt for the fastest lap. This was because of Ricciardo: "Ricciardo was well inside the pit stop window of Verstappen so Red Bull couldn't make an extra stop".

The fact that Verstappen stayed outside made Mercedes stay outside again, Brundle observes. This last bit of possible excitement was also taken away from the viewer and followers. Hopefully Monza will provide more spectacle.

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