Seidl doesn't agree with Marko: ''Formula 1 will always be a team sport''

01-09-2020 07:44 | Updated: 01-09-2020 09:24
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Seidl doesn't agree with Marko: ''Formula 1 will always be a team sport''

Helmut Marko would like to get rid of the huge pile of data that drivers and their engineers have at their disposal, but not everyone agrees. According to Andreas Seidl, even with that information, the driver still makes the difference.

Marko again wants drivers' skills to make the difference between a victory and a second or third place. ''We need to significantly reduce telemetry, i.e. the transfer of data from the car to the pit. And we must also ban radio communication from the pitbox to the driver'', Marko said earlier.

Seidl goes against Marko

However, McLaren's team boss does not agree. ''One of the reasons why I love Formula 1 so much is because the sport is so complex. The cars are the fastest on the planet, but also technologically advanced. Heroes are needed in the sport, but F1 will always be a team sport", says Seidl according to

''I find it very interesting to follow, because in my opinion the communication between driver and engineer is part of Formula 1. The driver will still make the difference, because the top drivers can process the information better without losing speed on the track. I've seen enough drivers who were fast, but lost a lot of speed with a single message, so that makes all the difference to a top driver'', concludes the German.

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