Doornbos: "Then you force the teams to drive a two-stop"

31-08-2020 18:48 | Updated: 31-08-2020 20:04
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Doornbos: Then you force the teams to drive a two-stop

The Formula 1 race in Belgium was not as spectacular as had been hoped for beforehand. This was partly due to the harder tyres, which meant that the drivers could have one pit stop with good management. Robert Doornbos thinks that when Pirelli brings softer tyres, the races will be more exciting.

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"It is because they are allowed to drive a one-stop strategy. They had gone through that safety car early, then they had to drive 30 laps on the hard tyre. Max [Verstappen] said: I was able to race eight laps and I cruised the rest," says Rob Kamphues at Crashen in de Keuken from Ziggo Sport.

Kamphues is suggesting that the rules should be changed to make it mandatory to stop twice. However, according to Robert Doornbos, this cannot be done just like that: "Pirelli has to decide that. Someone has to say to Pirelli: you have to take those soft compounds with you. Then you oblige the teams to drive a two stop."

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