'Ferrari continues its protest against Racing Point'

26-08-2020 13:14 | Updated: 26-08-2020 14:08
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'Ferrari continues its protest against Racing Point'

Renault protested to the FIA earlier this season against the car from Racing Point, which was said to be made up of parts that had been created in an irregular manner. Ferrari later joined this protest, as did McLaren and Williams. The teams were vindicated and Racing Point received a penalty of €400,000 and 15 manufacturer's points were deducted. That's the end of the story for Renault, they said Tuesday night, but apparently not yet for Ferrari.

Ferrari wants more clarity

According to Press Association, Ferrari would like to continue their protest against Racing Point, especially in terms of clarification. The Italian race stable would be looking for a better explanation of the FIA verdict and they also want a heavier penalty for Racing Point.

Should Ferrari continue the protest, which they themselves have not yet officially pronounced, it will end at the FIA International Court of Appeal. In that case, it will also be a lengthy process. In this state, Ferrari is on its own for the time being, as Renault has indicated that they have achieved their goal with their protest.

It is quite striking that Ferrari, of all people, is asking for more clarification, where the deal between Ferrari and the FIA about the engine in 2019 is 'secret'. Something that other teams would like to clarify again, so this is a somewhat remarkable situation.

Ferrari hasn't officially if they are going to continue their protest yet, so it remains to be seen what next steps the Scuderia will take.

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