Button: "I think it was also a shock for Max and Red Bull!"

25-08-2020 19:17 | Updated: 25-08-2020 20:08
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Button: I think it was also a shock for Max and Red Bull!

Jenson Button expects the Mercedesses to remain dominant for the rest of the season. Max Verstappen may have won one race out of the first six, but the former McLaren driver thinks Red Bull Racing and Verstappen themselves didn't expect that either.

Dominant Mercedes

"It’s tough I know for the fans of the sport. For a fan of Mercedes it’s great, but I still think that if you are a fan of Mercedes you still want great racing. And sometimes it’s been difficult to be a commentator or a pundit on the sport", Button explained during the In the Fast Lane podcast.

"They’ve dominated the hybrid era since 2014", Button continues. According to the 2009 World Champion, a number of teams have come close, but no team was good enough. "You have to do a serious good job to challenge Mercedes at the moment."

Silverstone was a stand-out story

"Silverstone was a stand-out race. It was very, very hot and they had tyre issues. So for Max and Red Bull to win that, I think it was a shock fort hem as well! They were a second slower in qualifying. It’s too big of a gap. But it’s not Mercedes’ fault. It’s someone else’s fault for not being competitive enough. Is it going to be like this for the whole year? Yeah, I think it is", Button concluded.

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