Hard tyre can literally go in the trash on Sunday: "It's really crap"

14-08-2020 22:09 | Updated: 14-08-2020 22:58
by GPblog.com
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Hard tyre can literally go in the trash on Sunday: It's really crap

The tyres seem to work better this weekend than last weekend at Silverstone. However, not all drivers were very satisfied with all the available tyres. In particular the hard tyre was under some scrutiny.

Lando Norris called them "garbage" and added: "I feel like I would have more grip on the water now. I think it's the same for everyone, every time someone was on the hard tyre they looked awful. So I think we're not alone."

Russell's not at all happy either.

George Russell agreed with Norris' assessment of how the hard compound performed in the heat and went even further than his good friend. "It's really crap," said the driver of Williams. "It was terrible." said the Brit to racingfans.net

Pirelli's figures support Russell's reasoning. According to the sport's official tyre supplier, the hard tyre is slower than the medium for more than a second per lap, while the soft tyre offers a time gain of half a second over the middle compound.

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