Perez angry at 'made-up stories': ''That's just disrespectful''

14-08-2020 10:12 | Updated: 14-08-2020 11:05
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Perez angry at 'made-up stories': ''That's just disrespectful''

Sergio Perez had to sit out two races because of a positive coronavirus test, but he is allowed to compete once again at the Spanish Grand Prix. However, all rumours about the Mexican have not been received well by Perez himself.

Perez was supposed to have visited his mother in Mexico, who he said had had an accident. However, there was soon a commotion about this report, because on social media it was reported that it wasn't the case. However, Perez finds all reports about this disrespectful.

Perez angry at false rumours

''I find that very unprofessional and must also say that it was a lie. I flew to Mexico to visit my mother there, adhering to all safety regulations. I will get all the messages when I was in quarantine, but it's 'bull shit' that I took pictures with others and made up stories about my mother. That's just disrespectful,'' Perez says according to

"Any one of us could get infected with the virus. I didn't do anything different from the rest of the paddock, I was just unlucky. It hit me, but so did a friend of another team. It can happen to anyone, but it can't be that people start making up stories about someone, instead of worrying about their health,'' Perez concludes.

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