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New circuit owner Barcelona: We don't want to imagine Barcelona without the F1

New circuit owner Barcelona: "We don't want to imagine Barcelona without the F1"

13-08-2020 12:58 Last update: 14:22


The new circuit owner of circuit de Catalunya has announced that she will do everything in her power to keep Formula 1 in Barcelona. Rumours have been going around for a long time that this year could be the last Grand Prix to be held at the Spanish circuit.

No Barcelona without F1

"We don't want to imagine Barcelona without the Formula 1", says the new circuit owner Maria Teixidor to El Mundo Deportivo. "This year, with these circumstances, shows that our alliance with Formula 1 is working."

"The will of both parties is to keep the alliance, because in the end this whole world revolves around circuits like this. And there aren't that many of them", continues Teixidor. She announces that she will meet with representatives of Liberty Media this week.

Personal Relationship

"It's an important moment to ensure continuity, so I want the personal relationship that's always needed. And then, starting in September, we will start talking about the future", she concludes. What is attractive for the Spanish Grand Prix is that from 2021 two good Spanish drivers will be on the grid, namely Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso.

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