Employees Alfa Romeo must be in isolation in Switzerland after Spanish GP

13-08-2020 10:38 | Updated: 13-08-2020 10:39
by GPblog.com
Employees Alfa Romeo must be in isolation in Switzerland after Spanish GP

The staff of Alfa Romeo Racing who work in the factory in Switzerland will have to go into isolation after the Spanish Grand Prix. From Switzerland, everyone from 'risk area' Spain will have to be quarantined at home. Team manager Beat Zehnder states that a large part is disadvantageous for his teams, as the British teams do not have to.

That's what Zehnder says in conversation with Blick. In Formula 1 there are seven drivers from Great Britain, but they have received a quarantine exemption from the government. For Alfa Romeo this hasn't worked out yet in Switzerland.

"We have to go back to Switzerland before the next race starts in Belgium, and that means isolation", the Swiss top man says. "It's a bit cruel for us, because Formula 1 has agreed with the English government that there will be an exception for those seven teams".

The situation means that Alfa Romeo will have to negotiate a possible exception with the separate jurisdictions of Switzerland. The team has to negotiate with eight cantons. Those talks don't go very well. "In any case, we've found an arrangement for the Zurich workers - these workers are allowed to come to the factory to work, but they have to go home immediately afterwards."

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