Does Stroll put his son out of Formula 1? "No hard feelings"

12-08-2020 16:27
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Does Stroll put his son out of Formula 1? No hard feelings

Lawrence Stroll seems to be facing a difficult choice. Sebastian Vettel seems to be joining Racing Point, which will be going through life as Aston Martin next season, but one of the team's current drivers will have to surrender his racing seat.

Choice at Aston Martin

Should Vettel join Aston Martin, Stroll will have to dismiss Sergio Perez, who has been with the team since 2014 and has a long contract, or his own son Lance Stroll will have to leave. Lance Stroll himself says he would understand if he had to sacrifice his place for the arrival of Vettel.

Stroll shows understanding

"That's life. You have work relationships and father and son relationships. If he takes me off the team, no hard feelings. That's business. I'd take it on and move on with life to fight another day", says Stroll to Channel 4.

Stroll talks very positively about his relationship with his father: "We have a pretty easy relationship. There's good chemistry and he gives me plenty of room. He does what he has to do from the sidelines to make the car as fast as possible and get the right people together", concludes the Canadian.

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