Horner sees happy faces: ''Then you realize again what you're doing it all for''

12-08-2020 06:35 | Updated: 12-08-2020 10:29
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Horner sees happy faces: ''Then you realize again what you're doing it all for''

Max Verstappen's victory at the second Grand Prix at Silverstone was somewhat out of the blue, but could be a huge boost for Red Bull Racing. At the factory Christian Horner only saw smiling faces.

Blijdschap bij Red Bull Racing

‘’The whole factory has been working incredibly hard during these opening triple-headers and a result like Sunday makes you realise what all that hard work is for and it is the best repayment for all the long hours that are going in at the moment. It definitely gives you energy when you get a result like that and with this gruelling schedule that is important’’, Horner says in his column for Red Bull.

The season start of 2020 wasn't as good as Red Bull hoped. This year was supposed to be the year in which the title could be conquered, but Mercedes turned out to be too strong again. After a lot of hard work, Red Bull finally has a victory and that comes as expected for the staff at the factory who have made long hours.

Hamilton won't win easy

‘’I walked into the factory on Monday morning and there were smiles all round. Mercedes have been so dominant in the opening races but we beat them fair and square on the track, which is a great feeling and now we just have to carry that momentum forward’’, says Horner who does love a championship he has to fight for.

‘’I believe a championship has more value if you have had to fight for it. The championships that we won in 2010 and 2012 that went down to the final race, they were far more rewarding than the ones we ran away with in 2011 and 2013. There was a real sense of elation because it had been a battle right through to the last moment and we are fighting once more. I think even Lewis said that he wants to be racing for victories, rather than dominating and we are certainly trying to not make life easy for him’’, Horner concludes.

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