Wolff challenges Horner: "If they think we're wrong, they should protest"

11-08-2020 15:16 | Updated: 11-08-2020 15:24
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Wolff challenges Horner: If they think we're wrong, they should protest

Mercedes also seems to be getting more and more involved in the protest around Racing Point. The German team is said to have shared parts and information with the team, allowing them to develop further. The FIA investigation revealed that Mercedes is playing a major role in the protest, but Toto Wolff does not expect that it will result in a penalty for the championship leaders.

"We feel completely comfortable in our present position. We read the rules and we abide by them," explains Wolff to Motorsport-Total.com. “We passed on certain data in 2019, which was completely within the rules," says Wolff. According to the FIA, Racing Point also received parts in 2020 and that would be against the rules.

Wolff is not worried about any protest

"6th of January has no material effect because the whole thing was delivered much earlier and all drawings and designs had been forwarded even earlier. Racing Point and we still think it was just within the rules". So on the 6th of January Racing Point received parts, of which they received the drawings in 2019. 

Christian Horner indicated earlier that the role of Mercedes should also be investigated, but Wolff does not expect that it will yield anything. "To be honest, we're not worried at all. We haven't broken any rules and I don't think Racing Point has done anything wrong. If anyone thinks we've done something wrong, they should protest and we'll see each other at the final verdict," Wolff concluded.

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