New wings and Pirelli tyres created an advantage for Ferrari at Silverstone

11-08-2020 14:19 | Updated: 11-08-2020 15:10
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New wings and Pirelli tyres created an advantage for Ferrari at Silverstone

For Ferrari, the 2020 season has been dramatic so far. The Italian team has only managed two podium finishes so far and Sebastian Vettel doesn't seem at ease with the team where he has been since 2015. In an effort to reduce the gap to Red Bull Racing and Mercedes, Ferrari has to look for improvements and it seems that they have found a solution for the soft tyres, which many teams suffered at Silverstone.

During the first Grand Prix at Silverstone, the Italian team, like the other teams, suffered from tyre wear on Pirelli's hardest tyres, namely the C1, C2 and C3. For the second race at Silverstone, Pirelli chose to take softer tyres with them. To reduce the pressure on the tyres, many teams started drove with less downforce, but Ferrari went in a different direction.

Better performance on soft tyres

The team is already racing with a lower rear wing and the Italian branch of took another good look at the front of the Ferrari. There they noticed that they made some adjustments to the front wing of the car. "During the British GP there was a striking vertical flag hidden behind the third central wing. This created more vertical pressure which allowed them to take better advantage of Pirelli's C2, C3 and C4 tyres", explains.

It was important for the Maranello team to get better downforce to improve the performance of the soft tyres at Silverstone. Also in Spain, new parts are expected to strengthen Ferrari's place in third place. "New things are also expected for the Spanish GP, provided that it is finished in time".

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