Brawn: "Verstappen reminds me of Michael Schumacher in many ways"

10-08-2020 13:13 | Updated: 10-08-2020 16:09
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Brawn: Verstappen reminds me of Michael Schumacher in many ways

Ross Brawn enjoyed watching Max Verstappen last weekend. The Dutchman drove an excellent race and crossed the finish line first with his Red Bull Racing car to break the hegemony of Mercedes this season.

Comparison with Schumi

"Max was simply sensational at Silverstone. He reminds me of Michael Schumacher in many ways. When you listen to his radio, he’s clearly got spare capacity", Brawn writes in his column on the Formula 1 website.

According to Brawn Verstappen, rises above the car. "The limit of the car is not the limit of Max Verstappen. He is able to feel the subtlety of the car and respond perfectly. I remember Max’s early days in Formula 1 where his speed was clear – he has now matured into an exceptional racing driver", continues the general manager of Formula 1.

On-board radios

Brawn really enjoyed what Verstappen said about the onboard radio: "I loved his radio, particularly when he said he didn’t want to “drive like a grandma” when the team asked him to manage his tyres. It shows huge confidence and a relationship in the team, which is very strong."

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