Schumacher: "Albon is still too slow at the moment"

09-08-2020 11:55 | Updated: 09-08-2020 12:44
Schumacher: Albon is still too slow at the moment

Alex Albon has already received a lot of criticism because of his bad start of the season. After the opening part of the season, it seems that the Thai still hasn't found his rhythm, as he again performs disappointingly at Silverstone. He finished ninth and has to look for improvements in the race. Ralf Schumacher, therefore, indicates that the driver of Red Bull Racing needs to perform better.

"It's obvious he's just too slow at the moment. Of course, this could be because they have designed a car that fits the driving style of Max (Verstappen). He is known for being able to live with compromises on the car and he likes a car that is a bit unstable at the back," Schumacher explains to Sky Sports.

Albon takes good steps

"Fortunately, he's taken a step in the right direction since the last race and you can see that. Maybe someday the day will come when the car will fit him". Schumacher indicates that Albon doesn't yet have complete confidence in his car and that a lot still needs to be done to gain that confidence. The car itself is only still unstable.

Schumacher also expects Red Bull to focus more on Albon's problems and not just on Verstappen's preferences. "Otherwise Red Bull will have to worry about the staff at some point", concludes Schumacher.

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