Horner about Racing Point: "There is a much bigger picture then brake ducts"

07-08-2020 14:29 | Updated: 07-08-2020 16:43
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Horner about Racing Point: There is a much bigger picture then brake ducts

The big news today is that the Racing Point car has been partially declared illegal by the FIA. The team has received a hefty fine for this and has been deducted 15 points. Christian Horner says Red Bull Racing is going to go through the files, as it offers opportunities for its sister team AlphaTauri.

Bigger picture

“There was a big dossier of paper that came with it so we need to analyse the implications. There is a much bigger picture then brake ducts. It's can you copy and recreate a car. And, of course, if you can then that opens up the path of why wouldn't you do that with AlphaTauri going into next year. So, it's a much bigger question and we need to understand it very clearly. If it's allowed or not”, says Horner to Sky Sports F1.

Horner says it might be interesting for Red Bull to resell a car to AlphaTauri. "This isn't just about brake ducts it's a much bigger picture where we have the rule in place and it needs several lawyers to understand it and I will get that summary", Horner continues.

Renault hasn't finished protesting yet

Renault seems to appeal again because they don't think it's an appropriate punishment for Racing Point. "And I have heard that Renault are potentially going to appeal because they don't feel it's draconian enough. So, we are following it with a lot of interest", Horner concludes.

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