Hamilton: "I'm not at all worried about my contract for 2021"

06-08-2020 17:58 | Updated: 06-08-2020 20:38
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Hamilton: I'm not at all worried about my contract for 2021

Lewis Hamilton can strike a new blow this weekend for the world championship in 2020. The Brit is usually very fast at Silverstone and this weekend we'll be back on the British circuit. A flat tyre almost caused the win to be lost last weekend, but in the end Hamilton managed to drive his Mercedes over the finish line first. His team mate Valtteri Bottas announced today that he was going to prolong the race at Mercedes, but that doesn't mean Hamilton will have to worry about it.

My focus is not yet on my contract for 2021. I think it is clear that I want to continue with this team and that we can discuss this later in the season. I am therefore not in contact with any other team. Together we have now opened a new chapter on diversity and I am excited about the possibilities of Mercedes in this", explains Hamilton at the press conference prior to the second Grand Prix at Silverstone, where Speedweek was present.

Most important season ever

"Valtteri is a good driver and has a very positive influence on the team. He is reliable and does great on the track, it is important that a team remains constant, also with the drivers", Hamilton sees. Since 2017 the team has been driving with the same line-up and it looks like that line-up won't change any time soon.

If Hamilton wins the championship this year, he will be on a par with Michael Schumacher. "It's the most important year of my life. The fight with Ferrari and Red Bull is a bit different than expected, but that doesn't make it less special. It is important that we continue fighting for the Championship in the coming years," said Hamilton.

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