Brown: "Drivers make the difference in battle for third place"

06-08-2020 11:51 | Updated: 06-08-2020 11:55
Brown: Drivers make the difference in battle for third place

There is little difference between the teams in midfield this year. According to Zak Brown, a strong lineup of drivers is especially important.

During the Grand Prix of Great Britain there was often a change of position in midfield in the closing stages. Where there are clear differences between the top teams, there is a hard fight going on between Renault, Racing Point and McLaren.

According to Zak Brown it is therefore important to have a strong duo of drivers. "I think we have the advantage of two strong drivers this year. We have great pairing and harmony in the garage. With how close we are on the track, I think drivers are going to make a difference whether you finish third, fourth or fifth in the championship," McLaren's CEO told

New duo in 2021

Next year the team alone will no longer be able to use the services of Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo will make the switch to McLaren. "Daniel and Lando Norris are our future. Lando's age means that of course he will have a longer career in F1, but I think that it is the combination of those two that will really help McLaren", concludes the top man.

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