"Confirmation Vettel's transfer to Racing Point was delayed by Perez infection"

03-08-2020 11:21
by GPblog.com
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Confirmation Vettel's transfer to Racing Point was delayed by Perez infection

One week it seems to be possible, the next week it's not. Is there room for Sebastian Vettel at Racing Point that will continue as Aston Martin next year? Ted Kravitz, journalist at Skysports, says there's little to no doubt about it at the paddock. The positive result of Sergio Perez' corona test even delayed confirmation.

At Silverstone you could see how Vettel and Racing Point investor Lawrence Stroll greeted each other. In itself not so strange as it is generally known that both parties are in negotiations on a contract that will start in 2021. Skysports reporter Ted Kravitz, however, saw more in the greeting between the two gentlemen.

"Didn't you think it was an interesting meeting between the two? Between Vettel and Lawrence Stroll, the boss of Racing Point? I thought so. At the beginning of the weekend it was already rumoured that we would get confirmation that the deal between Vettel and Racing Point is complete."

News about Perez delayed news about Vettel

Kravitz continues: "Then suddenly Sergio Perez's positive COVID-19 test came around the corner and it became clear that there would be no confirmation of any kind. They wouldn't do that to Sergio and maybe the deal wasn't complete yet".

Nevertheless, the journalist concludes: "At least something was going on this weekend and there is little doubt in the paddock that Sebastian Vettel will wear silver, green or pink next year. Depending on who will be the main sponsor of Aston Martin."

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