Verstappen looked back at footage of mechanics: "Crazy"

30-07-2020 14:52 | Updated: 30-07-2020 15:45
Verstappen looked back at footage of mechanics: Crazy

For Verstappen it was an eventful weekend in Hungary. At first the RB16 was not fast enough and to make matters worse he made a capital mistake just before the race. Because he ended the weekend with a second place, he can now look back on that with pleasure.

"I saw the video of the mechanics working on my car on the grid and it's crazy what they achieved, but it was cool to see that they all knew exactly how to work and what to do, even in such an unexpected situation. Without them I wouldn't even have started the race", the Dutchman said prior to the British GP.

Fast corners make Silverstone special

After a week of rest he says he's looking forward to the next three races. He doesn't mind at all that two of them will take place on the Silverstone circuit. The fast corners are a joy to drive in today's F1 cars. Corners you can't keep up with, are now full throttle. He also hopes that the British weather will cooperate a bit.

"Of course it can rain in Silverstone, even though it's summer in the UK (laughs), but I love those conditions and maybe we wouldn't mind the rain, because it can mix things up a bit".

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