The average figures after the first three races: Bottas top, Ferrari flop

27-07-2020 14:19
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The average figures after the first three races: Bottas top, Ferrari flop

The first triple header is on, the teams and drivers are working towards the diptych at Silverstone after a resting weekend. How did the drivers perform during the opening race? GPBlog distributes figures after each weekend. Time to take stock. These are the averages per driver and team!

No, it's not World Cup runner Lewis Hamilton leading the ratings list. Despite his 10 after the Hungarian Grand Prix he has to put up with teammate Valtteri Bottas. The Finn has the best rating on the grid so far, with an average grade of 9.0. His 10 in the won opening race was his strongest performance, next to his 9 in Styria and 8 in Hungary.
Max Verstappen received an average score of 8.5, giving him a neat spot on the podium. Teammates Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris impressed in the opening race, but do not perform constantly enough to get close to the Dutchman. The Ferrari driver stands on a 5.5, Norris on an 8.3.
Verstappen's team mate Alexander Albon does it significantly less than the Dutchman. Albon achieved three passes, but is stuck at an average of 6.5. An excellent grade, certainly in comparison with Sebastian Vettel. The four-time world champion has a disastrous start of the new season, which he buys with a 5.8. In Hungary he scored an 8, a mark that raised his average considerably. The worst rating is for debutant Nicholas Latifi, who is also the only driver with an unfeeling after three appointments.

The ratings after the first triple header
1.     Valtteri Bottas - 9.0
2.     Lewis Hamilton - 8.7
3.     Max Verstappen - 8.5
4.     Lando Norris - 8.3
5.     Lance Stroll - 7,8
6.     George Russell - 7.7
7.     Daniel Ricciardo - 7.5
8.     Sergio Perez - 7,2
9.     Kevin Magnussen - 7.2
10.  Pierre Gasly - 7
11.  Alexander Albon - 6.5
12.  Carlos Sainz - 6.5
13.  Kimi Raïkkönen - 6.3
14.  Daniil Kvyat - 6,3
15.  Antonio Giovinazzi - 6.2
16.  Sebastian Vettel - 5.8
17.  Romain Grosjean - 5.8
18.  Esteban Ocon - 5.7
19.  Charles Leclerc - 5.5
20.  Nicholas Latifi - 5.3
In terms of teams, cornstructor leader Mercedes is the one with the highest average rating, with a moyenne of 9.2 in Austria and Hungary. The Red Bull van Verstappen got a 5 in the opening race, but still raced a 6.8. After the crash between the Ferrari's in Styria, the Italian team got a 2. This puts the fallen superpower this season at a 3.6.

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