Buxton on Red Bull mechanics: "Worked their fingers off"

26-07-2020 10:57 | Updated: 26-07-2020 12:54
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Buxton on Red Bull mechanics: Worked their fingers off

Formula 1 columnist Will Buxton was impressed by the performance of the Red Bull mechanics last weekend. Max Verstappen crashed in the warm-up lap, but the team still managed to get the car ready on time and steer Verstappen to P2.

"Seeing Red Bull working on Max Verstappens car reminded me of the Field Gun Competion", refers Buxton on the Formula 1 website to the event where teams have to transport a field gun over a series of obstacles as quickly as possible. "They almost worked their fingers off, that's how badly they did their best for the car."

Hardest working people

"The men and women who make up the Formula 1 crews are the hardest working people I know, anyway. The teamwork and the effort they make to make a show of it, leave me in amazement." It led to a crazy race for Verstappen where he wouldn't even start at first. Due to a crash prior to the Hungarian Grand Prix it looked like the Dutchman wouldn't take any part in the action. He appeared on the grid after a race against the clock and drove to P2, behind World Cup leader Lewis Hamilton.

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