Imola does not settle as substitute: "F1 back to historic circuits"

25-07-2020 10:45 | Updated: 25-07-2020 12:00
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Imola does not settle as substitute: F1 back to historic circuits

Imola returns to the F1 calendar this season after almost fifteen years of absence. It is a fallback for the sport because they decided not to cross the ocean as long as the coronavirus prevails. However, Imola has bigger plans and wants to be on the calendar again next year.

"It's a goal we've been looking forward to for many years," says circuit director Uberto Selvatico Estense to "We've been talking to the people of Formula 1 for a long time and now we've reached our goal".

Imola fixed in spring

Imola had a permanent place on the Formula 1 calendar for decades in the spring and was usually the first Grand Prix in Europe. However, when the F1 then left in 2006, the circuit and especially the facilities around it were quite outdated. In the years that followed all that has been fixed up and so they want their place back on the calendar in Italy.

"We believe that our history with Formula 1 is so important that this opportunity was created not only thanks to Covid, but also because the sport needs to return to historic circuits, with real passion from the fans. Our will is clear and we are going to try to sign up for next year".

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