Protests nothing new according to Todt: "Newey always came to watch the Ferrari"

21-07-2020 11:02
Protests nothing new according to Todt: Newey always came to watch the Ferrari

According to Jean Todt, protesting against the opponent is of all times in Formula 1. Todt says that Red Bull Racing designer Adrian Newey used to come to Ferrari to check the car.

Copy is of all times

After the Hungarian Grand Prix, Renault again protested against the legality of the Racing Point RP20. However, Todt says that the copycat behaviour of Racing Point is not new in F1. "Copying has been around for decades. The teams adjust their entire product process accordingly", says the FIA president to L'Equipe.

Todt continues his story and quotes an example of Adrian Newey from his time at Ferrari: "Newey always came to look at Ferrari's on the grid. A team made a protest, but I think that's quite normal."

Red Bull also protested

"Red Bull did the same in Melbourne to verify the legality of the Mercedes DAS system", says Todt. The Frenchman does give Renault a tip: "It is better to do this before the start of the race than after it."

"When in doubt, you must always make a protest. Then it's about the interpretation of the regulations. This is a completely different part of F1. The teams that they have interpreted best also benefit most from it. It's important to know where the limit lies", concludes Todt.

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