Tanabe: "That contributed to Max's great result"

19-07-2020 18:59
by GPblog.com
Tanabe: That contributed to Max's great result

It was a tough weekend for Red Bull Racing and engine supplier Honda. Everything that could go wrong seemed to go wrong until the race actually started. In the end Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon managed to finish second and fifth.

Tanabe satisfied after eventful weekend

"After what has been a difficult weekend up until today, given how qualifying went and our general level of competitiveness, to get on the podium with Max in second place and with Alex finishing fifth, is a good result that we can be happy with", said Technical Director of Honda Toyoharu Tanabe on the official Honda site.

"After Max went off on the formation lap, his mechanics did an amazing job to repair the car on the grid and keep him in the race. After that, he had a brilliant start, which combined with a great strategy ended with second place", continues Tanabe.

"We were able to get the very most out of the PU today in performance terms, which contributed to his great result. Alex raced well to go from 13th on the grid to fifth", Tanabe continues.

Weekend off to analyze

"After this very tough start to the season with three races in as many weekends, we now have a short break and a free weekend. This will give us a bit of time to work on analysing all our data in Sakura and Milton Keynes, to try and find further performance gains", concludes Tanabe.

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