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Haas-boss Steiner not afraid of empty chairs: Vettel is on the market!

Haas-boss Steiner not afraid of empty chairs: "Vettel is on the market!"

14-07-2020 12:55


Sebastian Vettel will only remain active in Formula 1 if he can sign with a team where he can achieve success. Haas team boss Günther Steiner would like to welcome him.

"Vettel is quadruple world champion. Does he really want to work with a smaller team? What does he want to do with his life? I don't know. If he wants to do something with us, we'd be happy to work together," says Steiner in conversation with Speedweek.

Laughing about transfer carousel 

The Austrian has to laugh at how the transfer carousel works. "Sometimes three or four teams fight over the same driver, while great drivers are available. Like Nico Hülkenberg a year ago for example. As for us, I'm not afraid we won't find any drivers. After all, Vettel is on the market!"
Vettel himself doesn't know where he stands yet. "I still don't know what's going to happen. I want to finish the season first, then we'll see what the odds are. I'll take the time to make the decision and all options are on the table: continue, stop or take extra time."
Vettel has been associated with several teams since the announcement of his departure from Ferrari. For example, his name was mentioned at Red Bull, the team where he was successful and became champion four times. Team boss Christian Horner however indicated that the German will not return to the team of Max Verstappen.

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