Ricciardo's sick of action Stroll: ''Was a desperate act''

14-07-2020 06:37
by GPblog.com
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Ricciardo's sick of action Stroll: ''Was a desperate act''

A sixt place was ahead of Daniel Ricciardo, but after a duel with Lance Stroll eventually made Ricciardo finish P8. Ricciardo had hope for the stewards, but they didn't give in.

"I think it's a desperate action. I don't think he's caught up with me. He didn't pass, but he drove us both off the track,'' Ricciardo said after the race at Sky Sports. The Australian saw Stroll pass on the inside of turn three, but the Canadian had braked too late. Together they went off and Lando Norris was able to take advantage.

Ricciardo remains critical

"Lando came after him, so he had to do something. If he hadn't gone on the attack, Lando would've caught up with him and he could've gone on the attack.'' However, Ricciardo is also self-critical after the action. The driver of Renault left the door open for an action of Stroll, but was surprised by the Canadian.

''He was just as far away as that lap before, but I have to remain critical and also see that I should have closed the door earlier. However, he pushes us both off the track, so then it has nothing to do with an attack," said Ricciardo, who would be told later that there would be no penalty for Stroll.

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