Lammers wants to leave Ferrari alone. ''Honda could go on undisturbed''

09-07-2020 13:49 | Updated: 09-07-2020 14:50
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Lammers wants to leave Ferrari alone. ''Honda could go on undisturbed''

Ferrari was the big disappointment during the Austrian Grand Prix. Where many people might still have hoped or expected that the winter test did not provide an accurate picture, where dissapointed after the race in Spielberg.

Ferrari not on top

Ferrari isn't doing so well. The team that was among the top three in recent years and should be there with the rest, but they fell back to the Formula 1.5 group during the Austrian Grand Prix with McLaren and Racing Point. A podium by Charles Leclerc masked their performance a bit, but that was not a fair picture.

Many point to the trick with last year's engine and the consequences that Ferrari is now experiencing, but according to the former Formula 1 driver, we should not forget the impact the coronavirus has had in Italy.

Leave Ferrari alone

"It would be ethical to leave Ferrari alone for now. They were in the epicenter corona in Europe, while Honda could work undisturbed. Ferrari has been hit hardest in that respect. They have suffered the most from this period and need time to recover," says Lammers in conversation with

''You can't just say right now that they are having a bad time. They had more problems than other teams. However, it will be difficult to make up for this delay in the season'', concludes Lammers about the team that already had to say goodbye to one driver during qualifying in Q2.

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