Palmer: "Hamilton's pace must be a concern for Bottas"

07-07-2020 18:51 | Updated: 07-07-2020 19:23
Palmer: Hamilton's pace must be a concern for Bottas

Prior to the Austrian Grand Prix the main topic of discussion was the possible fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. It's fun when drivers from different teams compete for the title. However, the reality is that two people have the absolutely best car on the field and one of them is called Valtteri Bottas.

Although the Finn drove on one of his favourite tracks this weekend, he has shown not only to be fast, but also to be able to withstand the pressure of his team mate. What's more, he will be allowed to race on this circuit again next weekend. However, according to Jolyon Palmer, his racing speed wasn't good enough.

"Hamilton’s pace must be a concern for Bottas though and with the same race coming up again in just a few days time he must up his game, because whilst he was typically composed under pressure, he didn’t necessarily show the pace needed to win", says Palmer in his analysis for

Is the pressure now on Hamilton?

"As for Hamilton, he now carries a 13-point deficit to his team mate. If he doesn’t win next weekend – and Bottas is again in front – then that gap could go to at least 20 points, which isn’t insurmountable at all, but it will start to have shades of 2016 again, in this shortened 2020 season."

In 2016 Lewis Hamilton lost the title to teammate Nico Rosberg. The German then had the final victory largely due to a strong start to the season. That year he won the first four races and for the fifth race he was almost 50 points ahead of Hamilton.

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