Wolff is done with Red Bull's protests: "From now on, it's serious"

06-07-2020 19:38 | Updated: 06-07-2020 20:33
by GPblog.com
Wolff is done with Red Bull's protests: From now on, it's serious

The first weekend in Formula 1 was accompanied by several problems between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. Not only on the track the two teams were bold to each other, but they were also in each other's waters next to the track. Red Bull engaged the stewards against Mercedes several times during the GP weekend, something Toto Wolff is not happy about.

On Friday came the first protest, about the DAS system. "I thought that protest was actually very sporty, we're talking about Friday's. If you want clarification, that's your right," Wolff explains at Motorsport.com. In the end Red Bull got that clarity, that the system is legal. On Sunday, however, Wolff had run out of patience.

Punishment during the race was too much

"Then on Sunday morning, if you have new evidence about a decision made the day before, you may try to reverse it. That's in the rules." Although the decision came at the last minute, Wolff has no problem with the decision. "Whatever comes out of that you have to take for granted." Lewis Hamilton's time penalty during the race, on the other hand, was too much for Wolff.

"I think if you add everything up that penalty was a bit too much", Wolff explains. In the end that penalty came and it caused Hamilton to drop off the podium. However, in the future Mercedes will take a much stricter look at the things that Red Bull do. "From now on it's serious", Wolff concludes clearly.

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