Ferrari gets right after gaffe Vettel: ''No idea what's going on in his head''

06-07-2020 09:49 | Updated: 06-07-2020 10:40
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Ferrari gets right after gaffe Vettel: ''No idea what's going on in his head''

Sebastian Vettel was caught in embarrassment on Sunday afternoon by spinning during the Austrian Grand Prix. The German wasn't feeling well all weekend, but this incident resulted again in a lot of criticism towards the German driver.

Vettel will leave Ferrari at the end of 2020 with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in a new direction. Vettel said earlier that he didn't want to leave and there was a lot to do before the weekend. Could Vettel retaliate and show that he belongs at Ferrari? No, that's the answer. Actually Vettel only shows that the choice of Ferrari is justified.

Vettel under pressure

"The spin was pretty embarrassing. I've always stood up for Seb, but when he looks back, he'll be very angry with himself. Luckily he'll have a new chance to hit back next week,'' says Jenson Button in front of the Sky Sports camera. However, the former Formula 1 driver is not the only one who looked up to the action of Vettel.

''Frankly, it is something that belongs to a young driver, but not to Sebastian. I have no idea what goes on in his head sometimes. This is obviously not good for him, certainly not in the position he is already in. It only confirms the choice of Ferrari. It's still early, but this happens to him too often'', concludes Ralf Schumacher opposite the German Sky.

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