Tanabe: "Inconvenient that our two teams can't have contact"

03-07-2020 21:30
by GPblog.com
Tanabe: Inconvenient that our two teams can't have contact

For the first time since the winter tests, Honda's main engineers are back on the paddock with their teams Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri, although the corona measures are still causing some problems. Toyoharu Tanabe explains why.

After his first experience with the 'new normal' on Formula 1 circuits, Honda's F1 boss says it's quite a hassle, a Grand Prix weekend like that. There are a lot of restrictions and there are no fans, which he finds very unfortunate. Especially considering last year's party. Still, the Japanese is a pragmatist in the end.

"In the case of Honda, it is slightly inconvenient that our members from our two different teams cannot have any contact. But it’s a minor issue and does not affect us getting on with our main job of ensuring our cars run well."

"It’s strange having no fans and we miss them. Today, we had no PU issues with our four cars and now we will continue optimising our PU settings in preparation for qualifying and the race.”

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