Abiteboul: "We're talking to some big names."

03-07-2020 17:21
by Adam Newton
Abiteboul: We're talking to some big names.

Because several drivers have already changed teams before the start of the 2021 season, the 2020 season is already starting with a number of certainties. Sebastian Vettel will leave Ferrari and Carlos Sainz will go from McLaren to the Italian team. McLaren in turn chooses to attract Daniel Ricciardo. This in turn has forced Renault to look for a new driver for 2021. However, Cyril Abiteboul says he's in no hurry.

According to Formula1.com, Renault's team boss indicates to be patient with the announcement of a new driver. "We need a fast and talented driver who can adapt to Renault's project. We have a clear culture within our team. We are a young team with a lot of problems we encounter".

Talking to big names

"We need a quick driver, we need a talented driver, and we need a driver that can understand and buy into Renault’s project. I’m not saying that Daniel has not understood that – that is absolutely not what I mean, I’m talking about the future." Abiteboul indicates that he is talking to some big names. “We are talking to a few names, some big names, some lesser-known names.

"We are taking the time and we are again making sure there is a good alignment between what we are and what any driver is looking to get in a team like ours.”, Abiteboul concludes.

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