Albon: "Shortened calendar doesn't change anything about our work."

30-06-2020 19:41 | Updated: 30-06-2020 20:03
by Editorial Team
Albon: Shortened calendar doesn't change anything about our work.

In the run-up to the GP of Austria on the Red Bull Ring Alexander Albon looks ahead. The Thai-Brit says they don't really care about the shortened calendar. The Red Bull Racing driver is looking forward to the start of the season. According to him that has lasted a long time.

In the Red Bull preview Max Verstappen's team mate is asked by his employer if the upcoming races are extra difficult and if the pressure is higher now that the calendar has been shortened. Fewer races, after all, means less chance to make up for mistakes. Albon responds:

"Even though there is uncertainty about the number of races this season and which tracks we are going to do, it will not change anything in our work. We're just going to get the most out of it every weekend, that's all".

Red Bull very strong in these situations

"Three weekends of racing in a row does give us less and less time to prepare. That way we won't be able to use the simulator in between and maybe there will be circuits that we don't know yet. In the end, this will be a good opportunity. I think the big teams and the good drivers are flexible and can jump right on top of the changes and be prepared quickly".

"I think we as a team are very successful at this. If you look at Red Bull over the years, you can see that they are very good at interpreting changing situations and getting back on track quickly. It's going to be good for us."

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