Racing Point: "Budgetcap will only have a real impact from 2023 onwards"

15-06-2020 11:17 | Updated: 15-06-2020 13:32
Racing Point: Budgetcap will only have a real impact from 2023 onwards

Formula one will finally receive a budget cap in 2021 after much debabte. From that moment on, F1 is hoping  to reduce the gap between the top teams and the smaller teams and that a more equal playing field will ensure better competition. For the top teams the budget cap means that they can spend less, but for the smaller teams the budget cap will not have a direct influence, because their budget is not yet at that limit.

That's what the technical director of Racing Point, Andrew Green, sees. "For us, the budget cap is still above our own budget. So in 2021 we will still have room for improvement", Green says at Auto, Motor und Sport. Although the budget cap will have an impact from 2021 onwards, Green expects it will take a few more years before there will be differences on the track. "These things really need time to break through, we won't see the first real impact until 2023.

Headaches for top teams

Green continues: "If the current budget of the big teams is really that high, the new budget cap will be a real challenge for them." Green expects a lot to change with the top teams, but not much will happen with teams like Racing Point. "We still have one of the smallest budgets at the moment."

Because a lot has to change around finance, a lot of work will be needed at Mercedes and Red Bull Racing to get everything back in order and prepared for the changes. Green is therefore relieved that he is not working for a large team. "I would get a headache if I worked for a big team now. But those people are not stupid. I think they know exactly where they need to shrink and what they need to focus on in the future," Green says.

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